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Recent Site Upgrades

After finishing with the main website changes of moving to WordPress and updating my custom theme. I have added some extra functionality to my site. Firstly, I have added a very powerful commenting system power by Google+ and Disqus, check it out. Second, I added a print style to the site so that any article you decide to print will be perfectly formatted with no unnecessary info. Third, I have decided to add a forum. I would like to eventually have three or four separate active forums hosted here but I have for now decided to stay focused on developing a good place for discussing electronics and current design problems. There isn’t anything going on now in the forum, but hopefully in a few years we can have an active community of designers and electronics hobbyists.

Website Revisions Underway

After being satisfied with a static layout for about 6 months, I decided that I wanted to update my site to allow for more dynamic content. Originally, this meant that I would just add a link from my already existing site to point to a separate WordPress blog. After a little bit of tinkering I decided it would be better to just redesign my site from the ground up using WordPress.

Since I wanted to retain the look and feel of my old site I decided to make my own custom theme. I have been able to learn quite a lot about the innards of WordPress and must say, it is quite an impressive system. My theme still needs quite a bit of work, as far as I know right now it isn’t even capable of displaying these posts… I think with a few more days of playing around with it all I should be able to have a finalized design with all of the usual functionality. I’m just happy to finally be able to edit my website without logging in through FTP and messing with all of that stuff. This will hopefully allow me to update more regularly and bring some interesting content forward.

In the mean time, pardon my dust. :)

Update 1: First Stage Complete

Two days later I have finished the bulk of the work required to switch from a static site to a dynamic blog. This invoked a significant amount of time porting my static page layouts into the more modular paradigm used by WordPress.
There is still plenty of work to be done. Including:

  • Create a stylesheet for printing
  • Implement a better commenting system
  • Various visual tweaks
  • Update the outdated parts of my site
  • Implement speed improvements

I will continue working on these issues over the following days and weeks, but I can easily say that I am very happy with the transition and I am impressed by how polished and useful WordPress has become over the past two years.