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  • Pixy CMUcam5 – Hands on First Impressions

    In late August 2013 I stumbled across this Kickstarter project for the CMUcam5 Pixy. Almost immediately I realized the possibilities for such a device and was happy to throw my (limited) money at the project. […]

  • How to Design the Perfect PCB – Part 2

    This post continues from “How to Design the Perfect PCB – Part 1.” In part one we covered how to finish the pre-layout work like setting goals, visualizing your design, and selecting parts. In […]

  • Anchored: #3

    Every Friday I post a roundup of my favorite links, articles, images and videos from around the web. If you have any suggestions that I may have missed, put them in the comments. Links […]

  • Traffic Report: #1

    At the end of the month I like to publish and analyze my website traffic stats from Google analytics. I got this idea from another blog where the owner publishes his earnings every month. […]

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